Bounkham Phonesavanh


In a police state, the police are the enemy.

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Did you hear about the guy who tried to sign up with ISIS but he got turned down because he’s too crazy and too brutal? He returned to U.S.A. and signed up to be a cop instead.

     It’s 1856. A runner dashes past you, turns, and darts down a path into the woods. Seconds later, a man on slave patrol turns the corner and asks you which way the runner went. Should you say? Of course not. Nowadays, always presume the cops are in the wrong. Maybe cops didn’t like the human’s attitude, or caught the human videotaping their criminal wrongdoing.

     On a jury, never take a cop’s word for anything. Presume a videotape would disprove their fairy tale, but the humans were terrified that the cops would beat the daylights out of them and take their cameras. The human under arrest could not ask witnesses for their contact details, and the human was taken to the station, to an area off limits to witnesses, so it is the cops’ job to prove what happened. Cops know, better than the average human, what evidence to gather. If the human cannot remember which cop beat her up, they all did, except the ones that can prove otherwise.

     If a human is on trial for resisting arrest, did the cops have a valid excuse for the arrest? Did they establish that to the human’s satisfaction? Could the human be sure she would get a fair trial?

     Tell “your” elected officials you demand the Golden Rule: Whatever is the maximum a human could get for burning a cop’s face with a flash grenade, that’s the minimum a cop must get for burning a human’s face with a flash grenade. Tell them you have resolved that you will never render aid to a cop in distress.
If a human crashes head-on into a cop motorcycle, the human cannot use the excuse, “I could not see the oncoming motorcycle while I passed that car, because the hill and the curve obstructed my view.” If you cannot see that the way is clear to pass, you must not pass. If cops cannot see where they are throwing a flash grenade, the same principle applies. A motorcar and a flash grenade are both deadly weapons.

     Make no mistake: Cops are responsible for their own actions. Employment contracts between a government and its cops cannot entitle the latter to violate the inherent natural rights of non-signatory third parties. One politician makes a motion to amend a motion and another signs an autograph on a document displaying a fancy seal. Politicians are only babbling and scribbling. Cops commit the acts of force intended to intimidate humans into complying.

     Humans are scared to stop a brutality crime because they know more cops would swarm in. Those other cops partake in the crime by deterring the rescue. So do the cops that would capture the rescuers days later in another State.

     Long ago, Master made slaves learn carpentry, forbidding them to drink booze in class so they’d be worth more. Nowadays, cops intimidate humans into abstaining from drugs so the humans will make more money for politicians to take and squander to get re-elected. Maybe I would have overdosed and died, and I wouldn’t be here, telling it like it is. Maybe they’ll wish they minded their own business. If a cop enjoys the warm feeling he gets from preventing overdoses, he can get a warmer feeling by pouring gasoline all over himself and lighting a match. In a free country, each citizen would decide what drugs, if any, to use.

     If cops face danger, that’s no excuse to violate the rights of a human who didn’t put them in danger. Humans are not getting paid to worry about the safety of cops. Cops need no excuse to wear protective gear, but drawing a gun on a human crosses the line. Remember the Golden Rule: What’s the maximum a human can get for pulling a gun on a cop? If a human shouts, “Show me your hands!” and a cop fails to comply, does that entitle the human to gun down the cop? Is that self-defense? Besides, if a cop gets killed there will be an investigation, and if it is proven that the human acted improperly in using deadly force, the human will be subject to civil and criminal penalties under the law, after a peer-review process. If that’s good enough for innocent humans held at gunpoint by cops then it’s good enough for cops.

     Some of the danger is the cops’ own fault. Cops serving commitment orders have been taken out by humans who didn’t want to be locked up and drugged. The right to say “No” to drugs is as sacred as the God-given, unalienable right to use any necessary means to resist rape. What part of “No” did the cops not understand? “No” means “No.” Rights are not gifts from the government. Unalienable rights, by definition, outrank the Rule of Law.

     Karate teachers, you make students promise to use karate only defensively. Cops are brutal bullies in the business of intimidating humans into obeying unjust laws. Don’t teach cops.

     Cops have a high suicide rate. Cops are such vile, degenerate filth that they cannot even stand to live with themselves. Cops get burned up and hot under the collar when a mere human hesitates to obey their orders, and they cool off in a refrigerator. Mrs. Cop, you might do your lover boy a big favor by telling him it’s okay to get a job.

Cops are the scum of the Earth.

A public service message from Tom Alciere. The Northeast Georgian would not print it as a paid display ad. That’s their right. Just saying:
That it is unreasonable to imagine Printers approve of every thing they print, and to censure them on any particular thing accordingly; since in the way of their Business they print such great variety of things opposite and contradictory. It is likewise as unreasonable what some assert, That Printers ought not to print any Thing but what they approve; since if all of that Business should make such a Resolution, and abide by it, an End would thereby be put to Free Writing, and the World would afterwards have nothing to read but what happen'd to be the Opinions of Printers.
That notwithstanding what might be urg'd in behalf of a Man's being allow'd to do in the Way of his Business whatever he is paid for, yet Printers do continually discourage the Printing of great Numbers of bad things, and stifle them in the Birth. I my self have constantly refused to print any thing that might countenance Vice, or promote Immortality; tho' by complying in such Cases with the corrupt Taste of the Majority, I might have got much Money. I have also always refus'd to print such things as might do real Injury to any Person, how much soever I have been solicited, and tempted with Offers of great Pay; and how much soever I have by refusing got the Ill-will of those who would have employ'd me. I have heretofore fallen under the Resentment of large Bodies of Men, for refusing absolutely to print any of their Party or Personal Reflections. In this Manner I have made my self many Enemies, and the constant Fatigue of denying is almost insupportable. But the Publick being unacquainted with all this, whenever the poor Printer happens either through Ignorance or much Persuasion, to do any thing that is generally thought worthy of Blame, he meets with no more Friendship or Favour on the above Account, than if there were no Merit in't at all.
Benjamin Franklin